Sunday, January 26, 2014

World History Curriculum

World History for Us All (Middle and High School)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Announcing a New Blog! - Your Free Homeschool Library

Out of my personal love for vintage books and my heartfelt desire to make finding the best free resources for homeschooling as easy and pain-free for my readers as possible, I have created a new blog just for vintage ebooks.

Your Free Homeschool Library is divided by grade level and subject.  Textbooks, readers, outlines of education methods and programs, and more will be included.  I will continue to grow this project over time, so bookmark it and check back frequently!

I hope that Your Free Homeschool and Your Free Homeschool Library will continue to be a blessing to you!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Math Resources

The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library (K-12)
The Math Forum Teacher's Place (K-12)
Math Live (TV like lessons for grades 3-6) ***Added 1/16/14*** (Math Poems and Songs for All Grades) ***Added 1/15/14***

Science Curriculum Options

Integrated and/or General Science Curriculum
RESCu Science (K-5)
I. Science MaTe (K-8)
FOSSWeb (K-8 online modules, choose grade level, multimedia portion requires free parent registration)
     FOSS Science Duplication Masters and Lab Notebooks (K-8)
     FOSS Science (scope and sequence, K-8)
     FOSS Science Materials (visit as guest to view related materials, K-8)
Utah Education Network Sci-Ber Text (3-9)
Otter's Science (PreK-High School)
CK12 (Middle-High School)
Earth Science and Astronomy Curriculum (1st-5th)
Elementary General Science with Experiments **Added 1/15/14**

Integrated and/or General Science Lessons
Elementary Science Program Activity of the Month Archive (K-6)
Elementary Science Program Measuring Tasks (K-6)
Elementary Science Program Unit Resources (K-6)
SERC's Resources for K-12 Science Teachers (K-12)
The National Institute of Health's Office of Science Education Educational Resources (K-12)
American Association for the Advancement of Science ScienceNetLinks Lessons (K-12)
National Science Digital Library (K-12)
Utah Education Network Science (K-12)

Life Science Curriculum
Elementary Life Science (Elementary)

Life Science Lessons
Our Wild Neighbors in Alaska (Elementary)

Biology Curriculum
Rader's Biology4Kids (Basic Biology, Middle Grades)

Biology Lesson Plans
ProntoLessons Biology (ages 6-8)

Anatomy Lessons
ProntoLessons Anatomy (ages 6-8)

Anatomy Resources
Brain Tour
Virtual Eye Dissection
Neuroscience for Kids
Inner Body

Earth Science Curriculum
Middle School Source Reduction Curriculum (earth science, Middle Grades)
Rader's Geography4Kids (Basic Earth Science, Middle Grades)

Earth Science Lessons
Geological Society of America Lessons (K-12)
EarthComm Florida (scope and sequence and resources, High School)
American GeoSciences Institute Materials (Elementary-College)

Ocean Science Lessons
Teach Ocean Science (High School)

Environmental Science Lessons
NY State Department of Environmental Conservation Lesson Plans (K-12)

Chemistry Curriculum
Inquiry in Action (Basic Chemistry, K-8)
Middle School Chemistry (Chemistry, Middle Grades)
Rader's Chem4Kids (Basic Chemistry, Middle Grades)
Open Chemistry (High School - Adult)

Chemistry Lessons
Free Chemistry Labs, Worksheets, Texts  (High School)

Physics Curriculum
Rader's Physics4Kids (Basic Physics, Middle Grades)
College Physics (High School-Adult)

Physics Lessons
ProntoLessons Physics (ages 6-8)

Engineering Lessons
TryEngineering (ages 8-18)
TeachEngineering (K-12)
The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (K-12)

Space Science Curriculum
Rader's Cosmos4Kids (Basic Astronomy, Middle Grades)

Space Science Lessons
The Center for Science Education at the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory Learning Resources (K-12)

Literature Based Science
Using Children's Literature to Teach Science

Science Trade Books
Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12
Science Trade Books by Topic
Readable Science

Monday, January 13, 2014

Phonics and Reading Curriculum

Learning the Alphabet
Alphabetimals (PreK-K)

Phonics and Reading Curriculum
Progressive Phonics (PreK-3)
Starfall (PreK-3)
Read to Succeed (PreK-1)
Reading the Alphabet and Phonics by the Book (PreK-1)
FunPhonics (PreK-1)
Free Phonetic Readers (PreK-1)
FunFonix (PreK-1)
Reading Target (PreK-1)
Phonics Lessons (PreK-1)
Foniks (PreK-1)
FreeReading (K-1)
Stairway to Reading (K-1)
Blend Phonics (K-1)
ABC Fast Phonics (K-1)
K12Reader (1-5)

Wheeler's Graded Readers
Wheeler's Primer
Wheeler's First Reader
Wheeler's Second Reader (unfortunately, as of 1/13/14, the copy on Google Books labeled Second Reader actually contains the text of the Third Reader.  When and if it becomes available, I will add it here.)
Wheeler's Third Reader
Wheeler's Fourth Reader
Wheeler's Fifth Reader
Wheeler's Sixth Reader
Wheeler's Seventh Reader
Wheeler's Eighth Reader

McGuffey's Readers
McGuffey's Eclectic Primer (K-2)
The New McGuffey First Reader (2-3)
McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader (2-3)
The New McGuffey Second Reader (3-5)
McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader (3-5)
The New McGuffey Third Reader (6-8)
McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader (6-8)
The New McGuffey Fourth Reader (Middle-High School)
McGuffey's Fourth Eclectic Reader (Middle-High School)
McGuffey's Newly Revised Rhetorical Guide or Fifth Reader (High School)
McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader (High School)

Pollard's Readers
A Complete Manual:  Synthetic Method of Reading and Spelling
First Book for Little Folks
Pollard's Synthetic Primer
Pollard's Synthetic First Reader
Pollard's Synthetic Second Reader
Pollard's Synthetic Third Reader
Pollard's Advanced Reader

Elson's Readers
Elson Primary School Reader Book One (Grade 1)
Elson Primary School Reader Book Two (Grade 2)
Elson Primary School Reader Book Three (Grade 3)
Elson Primary School Reader Book Four (Grade 4)
Elson Grammar School Reader Book One (Grade 5)
Elson Grammar School Reader Book Two (Grade 6)
Elson Grammar School Reader Book Three (Grade 7)
Elson Grammar School Reader Book Four (Grade 8)

Hazen's Readers
Hazen's Third Reader
Hazen's Fourth Reader
Hazen's Fifth Reader

Free Reading Lessons (K-5) (K-6)
Penguin Active Readers (Beginner-Intermediate)

Determining Reading Level
Lexile Framework
Scholastic Book Wizard

Guided Reading Online
Roy the Zebra
Interactive Story Books

Stories Read Aloud
Storyline Online
A Story Before Bed

Books Online & eBooks
We Give Books
International Children's Digital Library
The Baldwin Online Children's Project
Project Gutenberg
Full Text Archive
Books Should Be Free

Audio Books
Audio Newberry

Games and Interactives
Big Brown Bear

Reading Comprehension
McGraw-Hill Treasures Workbooks (K-6) **Added 7/20/13

Spelling and Vocabulary Curriculum

Time4Learning Spelling Lists (click the list on the left for free lists, PreK-8)
K12Reader Spelling (1-5)
Bible Based Spelling (Lower Elementary)
Spelling City (Beginning Spellers)
Spell by Color (grade 3+)
TLSBooks Spelling Worksheets (Elementary)
Spelling Connections Spelling Practice Books (1-8)
AAASpell (1-8)
The Basic Cozy Spelling Course (6-8)
Home Spelling Words (K-8)
KidsSpell (1-12)
McGuffey's New Progressive Spelling Book (K-12)
McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book (K-12)
Easy Steps in Spelling (K-2)
Hazen's Complete Speller (K-12)
Pollard's Synthetic Speller (K-2)
Pollard's Advanced Speller (Grades 3+)
Spelling Books (K-12)
Wheeler's Elementary Speller
Wheeler's Graded Studies in Great Authors:  A Complete Speller
McGraw-Hill Treasures Spelling Workbooks (K-6)

Wordly Wise 3000 (2-12)

Grammar and Composition

Wheeler's Graded Studies in English
Wheeler's Graded Studies in English: First Lessons in Grammar and Composition

Harvey's Grammar Series
Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition (4-6)
Harvey's Practical Grammar (7-8)
Key to Harvey's Practical Grammar

Maxwell's English Series
Primary Lessons in Language and Composition (1-4)
First Book in English (3-5)
Introductory Lessons in English Grammar (5-8)
Maxwell's School Composition (5-8)
Advanced Lessons in English Grammar (Middle-High School)
Writing in English (Middle-High School)

Progressive Composition Series
Progressive Composition Lessons Book 1 (3-4)
Progressive Composition Lessons Book 2 (5-6)
Progressive Composition Lessons Book 3 (7-8)

Fleming's English Series
A Child's Composition Book (4-6)
A Composition-Grammar (7-8)
Practical English for High Schools (High School)

Dalgleish's English Series
Outlines of English Grammar and Analysis for Elementary Schools (Elementary)
The Progressive English Grammar
Grammatical Analysis
Introductory Text-Book of English Composition (High School)

KISS Grammar (2-11)
Weld's Progressive English Grammar (All Grades)
McGraw-Hill Treasures Workbooks (K-6)  **Added 7/20/13

Elementary English Composition for High Schools and Academies (High School)
Purdue OWL English (7-12)

Grammar and Composition
Scott Foresman Online Grammar and Writing Handbooks (1-6)  **Added 7/19/13

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