Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Science Curriculum Options

Integrated and/or General Science Curriculum
RESCu Science (K-5)
I. Science MaTe (K-8)
FOSSWeb (K-8 online modules, choose grade level, multimedia portion requires free parent registration)
     FOSS Science Duplication Masters and Lab Notebooks (K-8)
     FOSS Science (scope and sequence, K-8)
     FOSS Science Materials (visit as guest to view related materials, K-8)
Utah Education Network Sci-Ber Text (3-9)
Otter's Science (PreK-High School)
CK12 (Middle-High School)
Earth Science and Astronomy Curriculum (1st-5th)
Elementary General Science with Experiments **Added 1/15/14**

Integrated and/or General Science Lessons
Elementary Science Program Activity of the Month Archive (K-6)
Elementary Science Program Measuring Tasks (K-6)
Elementary Science Program Unit Resources (K-6)
SERC's Resources for K-12 Science Teachers (K-12)
The National Institute of Health's Office of Science Education Educational Resources (K-12)
American Association for the Advancement of Science ScienceNetLinks Lessons (K-12)
National Science Digital Library (K-12)
Utah Education Network Science (K-12)

Life Science Curriculum
Elementary Life Science (Elementary)

Life Science Lessons
Our Wild Neighbors in Alaska (Elementary)

Biology Curriculum
Rader's Biology4Kids (Basic Biology, Middle Grades)

Biology Lesson Plans
ProntoLessons Biology (ages 6-8)

Anatomy Lessons
ProntoLessons Anatomy (ages 6-8)

Anatomy Resources
Brain Tour
Virtual Eye Dissection
Neuroscience for Kids
Inner Body

Earth Science Curriculum
Middle School Source Reduction Curriculum (earth science, Middle Grades)
Rader's Geography4Kids (Basic Earth Science, Middle Grades)

Earth Science Lessons
Geological Society of America Lessons (K-12)
EarthComm Florida (scope and sequence and resources, High School)
American GeoSciences Institute Materials (Elementary-College)

Ocean Science Lessons
Teach Ocean Science (High School)

Environmental Science Lessons
NY State Department of Environmental Conservation Lesson Plans (K-12)

Chemistry Curriculum
Inquiry in Action (Basic Chemistry, K-8)
Middle School Chemistry (Chemistry, Middle Grades)
Rader's Chem4Kids (Basic Chemistry, Middle Grades)
Open Chemistry (High School - Adult)

Chemistry Lessons
Free Chemistry Labs, Worksheets, Texts  (High School)

Physics Curriculum
Rader's Physics4Kids (Basic Physics, Middle Grades)
College Physics (High School-Adult)

Physics Lessons
ProntoLessons Physics (ages 6-8)

Engineering Lessons
TryEngineering (ages 8-18)
TeachEngineering (K-12)
The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (K-12)

Space Science Curriculum
Rader's Cosmos4Kids (Basic Astronomy, Middle Grades)

Space Science Lessons
The Center for Science Education at the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory Learning Resources (K-12)

Literature Based Science
Using Children's Literature to Teach Science

Science Trade Books
Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12
Science Trade Books by Topic
Readable Science


Janet Sedano said...

I was just checking out your resources for spelling and then found my way over to this page. If you don't mind, I thought I'd like to share the science curriculum we use, which is for K-2 grade. It's an interactive science program online that my dd is enjoying called science4us.
You've got some great resources. Thanks for sharing them. I'm bookmarking this blog!! I'm heading over to memory work next. ;)

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